Our physiological tests

VO2 Max

VO2max testing is the gold standard measure of aerobic capacity. 

Having a high VO2max is a prerequisite for successful athletic performance in endurance events.

Price £85

Approx 40 minutes


Performed either on a treadmill or Watt Bike your VO2 max test will identify:

  • Endurance Zone (aerobic base)
  • Threshold Zone (race pace)
  • Fat Burn Exercise Intensity 
  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Energy Expenditure During Exercise

The test data can be used to identify your optimal training and race intensities specific to your physiology. After the test, you will receive feedback on how to use the data within your training.

Ideal for

Anyone looking to gain a greater insight to their aerobic capacity and to boost the effectiveness of their training

Blood Lactate Testing

Blood lactate is a bio-marker that shows the level of metabolic stress you experience during exercise. 

Blood lactate analysis gives an insight into your anaerobic transition point and can provide you with a scientific basis for setting your race and training paces based on your individual physiology. 

Price £115

Approx 45 minutes


Following a warm-up period, the workload of the test increases in time intervals. This process continues until you reach your physiological maximum. Before the test, we will take a resting finger prick blood sample and at the end of each stage.

We will identify your:

  • Lactate Threshold: used to gauge training and racing intensities for longer events
  • Lactate Turnpoint:  provides a clear sign of pacing for shorter events
  • Calculation of training zones 

Using the test data, we can then identify training and racing intensities specific to you. After the test, you will receive results and feedback on how to use the data to support your training and race pacing.

Health assessment

The assessment will provide an overview of current health, lifestyle and fitness status.  

This will give you an understanding of your present fitness levels and also provide a basis for the safe initiation or progression of an exercise programme.

Price £55

Approx 40 minutes

  • Lifestyle review
  • Baseline physiological measurements (Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Resting Ventilatory Rate)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Movement screen
  • Includes recommendations

    Multi-directional Sports Test

    A test designed to assess the physiological capacity of team or multi-directional sports athletes. 

    Multi-directional sports require a wide range of movement which other tests cannot provide data for. Discover your explosive strength potential and determine the factors that underpin your performance.

    Price £70

    Approx 45 minutes

    • Peak power of vertical jumps
    • Eccentric Utilisation Ratio
    • Reactive Strength Index
    • Straight line acceleration performance
    • Change of direction and agility performance

    Elite athlete test

    A comprehensive, sport specific physiological profile suitable for serious athletes of all levels.

    Price £195

    Approx 90 minutes

    • Enhanced sport-specific movement screen
    • VO2 max test
    • Blood lactate profile
    • Sport specific speed / power / jump testing
    Ideal for

    The serious athlete wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their physiology in order to take their performance to the next level

    Our experts

    Tristan Baker | Head of Performance at GoPerform

    Tristan Baker

    Head of Performance

    Tristan heads up our athletic performance department, he is a Loughborough University sports science graduate with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary's University. 

    Tristan has worked in professional football and Formula 1, as well as with athletes competing in rugby, lacrosse, tennis, athletics and mixed martial arts. He is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.